Small Business Summer Camp

Discover six key areas to focus your business and reach success like never before.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're juggling operations, chasing profits, and trying to grow all at once.
  • Your day to day feels like a constant barrage of bad to worse choices.
  • You're putting the efforts into your business, but just not seeing the outcomes you desire.
  • Your business growth feels like a pipe dream rather than a clear strategy.

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2. Attend one-hour sessions every other Friday in June, July, and August


3. Watch your business take off this fall! 

What will I learn from this experience?


Learn to triage and apply first aid to your business and get on track to health



Work with a community of like-minded owners and operators


Identify strategies that lead to more revenue or profit


Plot a course for future success and improved life balance

This experience packs over $1200 in Workshop content packaged in snack-sized increments to fit your summer schedule!

VIP Summit Experience Available

Add the Summit Package to attend live workshops with your fellow campers.  These sessions bring your real-life examples to LIVE review and Improvement.  


This valuable experience will give you insight and ides from like-minded leaders as well as specific advice from the framework.  

Benefits of the VIP Summit Experience

  • Building a network and community of fellow owners
  • LIVE application of the content reviewed that day
  • Deeper integration of the material covered with YOUR SPECIFIC business
  • A taste of what business coaching can do for you

About Us

Twelve30 Business Solutions enables small and family run businesses to succeed for the long haul by bringing balance and peace to their business operations.

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